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Design Your Meditation

Revolutionizing Meditation with Custom AI Guidance

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Create Custom Meditation

Discover InnerGuide, your gateway to personalized meditation journeys. Tailor each session to your mood and goals using our intuitive, AI-powered platform. Experience meditation that adapts to your life’s rhythm, crafted for your unique path to tranquility and mindfulness.

With InnerGuide, every meditation is a step closer to inner peace, uniquely designed for you.

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Choose Your Intention

Craft your path to mindfulness with ease. Our intuitive three-step process helps you articulate your meditation goals effectively. Begin by deciding on the nature of your intention, then choose a verb that encapsulates your desired state, and finally, select an object that complements your affirmation. This straightforward yet impactful method allows you to create intentions such as “I want to build confidence” steering you towards a more focused and self-assured mindset.

Aspire or Avoid

Choose to actively aspire towards or consciously avoid something

Aligning Action

Pick a verb and object that aligns with your desired outcome

Processing Screen

Wait For The Magic

As the app configures your meditation experience, take this time to begin your inward journey. Let your breath slow, your thoughts clear, and your body relax. This precious pause is your entryway to mindfulness, a period to transition from the hustle of daily life to a state of serene introspection. Feel the anticipation of a tailored meditation that awaits, and embrace this moment to connect with your inner self.

Player Screen

Play And Add A Music

Dive into a deeper meditation experience with the ability to blend your sessions with music. Our app’s music integration empowers you to pair your guided sessions with tunes that align with your mood and objectives. Whether it’s calming melodies or inspiring beats, you have the freedom to create an auditory backdrop that enhances your focus and relaxation. This feature is a gateway to a more profound and personalized meditation experience, allowing you to fully immerse in the moment.

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Favorite And Organise

Save Favorites

Easily bookmark your most cherished meditation sessions for quick access

Categorize Sessions

Organize your meditations by theme, mood, or personal preference

Quick Access

Retrieve your favorite sessions instantly for a seamless meditation experience

History Tracking

Review your meditation history to revisit past sessions and track progress


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Discover the path to personalized guided meditation with InnerGuide. Our app tailors meditation to your lifestyle, offering custom intention setting and music integration for a unique experience. Start your journey to tranquility today. Download InnerGuide from the App Store or Google Play and unlock a world of tailored meditation at your fingertips.