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InnerGuide is a meditation app designed to offer a unique and personalized experience through AI technology. It provides users with the ability to tailor their meditation sessions, allowing users to set the intention and length of a session, nature and type of meditation, language, and voice of the narrator. This customization ensures that each meditation session aligns with the user’s individual needs and meditation goals, making the practice more effective and enjoyable.

In InnerGuide, customization is at your fingertips. Start by choosing the meditation nature — Relaxing, Refocusing, or Energising. Then select your preferred type of meditation, including Mindfulness, Visualization, Breath Awareness, and Affirmation. This dual-layer customization allows for a tailored meditation experience that aligns perfectly with your current mood and goals.

InnerGuide offers a diverse range of meditation types to cater to various needs. You can choose from Mindfulness, Visualization, Breath Awareness, and Affirmation. Each type focuses on different aspects of meditation, such as enhancing present-moment awareness, creating mental imagery, focusing on the breath, or using positive affirmations to foster a specific mindset or goal. This variety ensures that you can find a meditation style that resonates with your personal preferences and objectives.

Absolutely, InnerGuide is designed with both beginners and experienced meditators in mind. It offers easy-to-follow guided meditations and intuitive features that help newcomers easily navigate and engage in meditation practices.

InnerGuide offers some features that are accessible offline, but a stable internet connection is required to access the full range of functionalities, including the AI-driven personalization features.

InnerGuide offers both free and premium options. Non-subscribed users have access to basic features, including the ability to generate up to 10 guided meditation sessions. For unlimited meditation generation and additional features like creating folders in favorites and renaming meditations, users can opt for a subscription. This flexible model allows users to choose between complimentary access or enhanced features with a subscription, accommodating various needs and preferences.

To access more meditation sessions in InnerGuide, users have two options. Subscribing to any plan provides unlimited meditation generations, offering extensive access to various sessions. Additionally, users can gain extra meditation generations by sharing an invite link. When someone downloads and enters the app using this link, both the sender and receiver are rewarded with 5 additional meditation generations. This system encourages sharing the app with others while rewarding users with more meditation experiences.

InnerGuide prioritizes user privacy by adhering to stringent data protection regulations and employing advanced security measures for safeguarding personal data and meditation preferences. The app uses a minimal amount of user data, focusing on essential information for functionality. Account creation, which is optional, is only requested if users wish to sync their meditations in the cloud. This approach ensures that personal information is handled with utmost care and discretion, maintaining user privacy and trust.

InnerGuide is currently available for iOS and Android devices, offering wide accessibility to a range of users. In addition to these platforms, we are actively working to expand our reach. Plans are underway to make InnerGuide available on macOS and via a web platform. This expansion will allow even more users to access the app on their preferred devices and platforms, enhancing the availability of our custom guided meditation services to a broader audience.

The AI technology in InnerGuide intelligently analyzes user inputs and interaction patterns to create highly personalized meditation sessions. This AI-driven approach ensures that each meditation experience is tailored to the user’s current state and preferences.


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